Lion and Mouse
  Lion and Mouse  

Long, long ago, there lived a lion in a forest. One day, he was sleeping outside his den. There came a mouse searching for food. By mistake the tiny mouse climbed over the lion. 'Ah, what a smooth rock!' thought the mouse. "Khrrrrr!" buzzed the lion's nose. "Oops, not a rock. It's a lion!" the mouse shrieked.

The mouse instantly jumped off the lion. But before he could flee, the lion came awake. It didnot take long for the lion to understand what the mouse was up to.

But the lion grabbed him in his claws. Seeing the lion's angry expression, the mouse started shivering.

The lion's grip tightened. he jarred at the mouse. "Hahaha! Now be ready to get crushed, "the lion roared. But the tiny mouse kept on pleading for mercy. "Let go of me please!" Just when the lion was about to eat the mouse, the tiny creature squeaked, "who knows, tomorrow I may help you in some way. So, donot kill me."

Hearing this, the lion smirked at the mouse. It was beyond imagination for him that a tiny mouse would be of any help to a mighty lion like him.

Finally, the lion took pity on the tiny creature and released him. The mouse thanked him and ran away.

Days passed. The lion forgot about the mouse. One day, some hunters came into the forest and cast their trap in front of the lion's den. When the lion returned from his hunt, he didnot see the net and got trapped in it. There was nothing he could do. "There is no one arround to help. What shall I do now?' thought the sad lion.

Just then the mouse happened to pass by. He heared the painful cry of the lion. He at once recognised the lion and went near him.

The mouse knew the way out. He asked the lion to sit patiently. Then with his sharp teeth, the mouse started severing the net.
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